Life is a struggle. Even as children of God and believers in Jesus Christ we face daily battles, large and small. We should not be surprised. During his years of ministry Jesus himself was besieged by Satan, Pharisees, Romans, and more. He wept in sorrow. He cried out to his Father. Should his followers be any different in a fallen world?

If we are honest, it can be hard to cope sometimes; hard to stay positive, or hopeful, or thankful; certainly hard to feel joyful.

As we journey through life in this world we encounter many reasons to despair and can sometimes slip into what some have called ‘spiritual depression.’

Long ago the Psalmist struggled with the same dark emotions. He lamented that his soul was downcast, full of sorrow. He was in anguish, suffering, discouraged, and he wondered, “Why?” He was able to look back and remember a very different time in his life when he rejoiced as he led a festive throng, joyfully shouting and celebrating as they went to worship. Perhaps he even danced as David once did before the ark of the Lord.

Even though he was suffering he was able to remember, and it gave him hope.

Remembrance and hope can be powerful antidotes to despair. They revived the psalmist so he could confidently say, “I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.”

Remembering can also be a healing balm for us today if we find ourselves sinking into spiritual depression. In those dark, lonely times, when we feel far from God, we can remind ourselves that, truly, we are not alone. We are the precious children of Almighty God— His beloved sons and daughters. Remembering our close relationship with Him helps renew our hope that the thirst in our souls will be quenched with living water. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we will again be filled with His gifts of love, joy, and peace.

“Where is your God?” (v. 3) He is right there, waiting for us to cry out to Him for comfort and renewal. When we pour out our souls, He hears us.

After the darkest night comes the sunrise.
After the tempest comes the rainbow.
After the bitter winter comes the glory of spring.
All of creation illustrates that the love of God is steadfast; it never fails.
Remember Him, and hope will follow.
Remember, and we will again “Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise.” (Psalm 100:4)

Heavenly Father,
No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, help us to remember who we are. We are the beloved sons and daughters of the Most High God! How glorious! How remarkable! No matter how low we may sink– in spirit, in health, in circumstance, in worldly esteem– you will always lift us up. Never let us forget that we are cherished by you, our most precious Savior and God. Alleluia! Amen