What Can Happen on Sundays

by Pastor Jeremy
What happens on a given Sunday morning when you go to church? The consumer-driven culture that we live in (this product or place is just here to serve me) can easily lead us to think only of "what we're getting" on Sundays, rather than what we can give to others. What I mean is this...

What happens on Sunday mornings is way more than the liturgy and elements of our public worship. What can happen, and is meant to happen, are many mutual interactions with the embodied people of God that provide various opportunities to minister intentional care to one another.

Being together on Sunday mornings is more than just seeing each other and knowing we still exist and still attend the same church. Being together in a shared space at the start of the week is a key time and space where we can connect, even if for a passing moment, in order to help one another. One of the blessings in being able to gather together in-person once again is that the amount of opportunities for ministering to one another dramatically increases. 

If you're wondering how you can make the most of these moments and move past the small talk of the upcoming football game or the weather, take a listen to the brief clip below. Ed Welch shares a 2 min encouragement on what can happen on Sundays when we intentionally engage with one another and just how simple it can be. 
This Sunday, as those who are able to gather, gather together for our regular morning worship services, come eager to receive, but also eager to give—to give a listening ear, a word of encouragement, a thoughtful question, a moment of prayer, or a bit of guiding advice. What can happen on Sundays? Way more than we could ever imagine. The church needs you just as much as you need the church. 
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