FCCH Classes 

Growing in our Faith Together


adults: Sunday, September 17, 2023

The Gospel of Matthew -  Explores the first gospel in the New Testament verse by verse. This class will be picking up from where we were in the spring, but new comers are welcome. Dr. Eckhard Schnabel shares the intricate details in scripture and also gives a global perspective on our faith. His deep knowledge of the original languages, the historical background, and a love for the church weaves this study of scripture together in a way that will encourage and challenge you.

A Praying Life– As we learn from the Lord’s Prayer in our sermon series this fall, we are offering this class based on Paul Miller’s, The Praying Life, to help us think more deeply about our ongoing conversation with God and give space to know the joy in developing a praying life. Various facilitators will be using the book as a foundation and supplementing it with other materials.

We Are the Church- This class will employ guided conversations and break-out groups to share together the beauty of the church, some of our deep questions about Christian community, and the struggles and complexities we experience as the people of God. Lillian Wong and Dr. Kerilyn Harkaway-Krieger will lead with other contributors. We hope these discussions will foster deeper connection and a better understanding of how God has brought us together as a church.

For questions related to Adult Classes, please email Pastor Kevin Baird  here.

Children & youth-Classes resume: Sunday, September 10, 2023

Nursery (18 months -3 years old): In the Nursery/Toddler Sunday school class, through multi-sensory learning, children experience Jesus’ love and all that He provides for us.

Preschool: Preschoolers will journey chronologically through the Bible, discovering friendship with Jesus throughout God’s story using the  curriculum, Simply Loved.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade: The K-1 Class will be learning from the Gospel Story Lower Elementary Curriculum—Finding Jesus in the Old Testament, starting with The Book of Joshua and ending with The Book of Ezra. Through stories like the Fall of Jericho, Samson, Ruth, Saul and David, Solomon, Elijah and Elisha, Jonah, and Daniel, students will discover how the Bible story fits into God’s greater plan of redemption.

2nd & 3rd Grade: This year, 2nd & 3rd grades will be learning from the Gospel Story Bible curriculum, where they will be learning about early church from post Resurrection to Revelation.

4th & 5th Grade: The Biggest Story will lead our 4th & 5th graders on an exciting journey through the Bible, from the garden of Eden to the return of Christ. In addition, we will have a recurring monthly focus on service to others in our church.

6th, 7th & 8th Grades: We meet weekly to explore the Bible, putting together the one-story plot line of Scripture. This year we will Journey through the Old Testament. Join us on Wednesday nights for Middle School Youth Group from 7:00 -8:30 pm as another opportunity to grow together!

High School: We gather each week to study Scripture and to consider some of the leading questions highs schoolers are asking about the Christian faith. Join us on Tuesday nights for High School Youth Group from 7:00 -8:45 pm as another opportunity to grow together!

For more information about children's and youth classes, please email here.