First Congregational Church of Hamilton

Son Light Bible Study Lectures

Gospel of Matthew – SonLight Study 2017/2018

Lectures are in order of the most recent.

Condemned and Crucified: Rachel Frase

The Beginning of the End: Sue Goodhue

Wise and Foolish: Margot Rox

Dangerous Times: Jeanine Birdsall

Words of Judgement: Rachel Frase

Parables & Questions: Margot Rox

Possible with God: Jeanine Birdsall

Humility In the Kingdom: Rachael Frase

Faith and Prayer: Darlene Farris

Signs of the Times: Margot Rox
Lecture Handout

Pure Through and Throught: Sue Goodhue

The Hometown Prophet: Jeanine Birdsall

Sowing and Harvesting: Darlene Farris

The King is Accused: Rachael Frase

Not as Expected: Margot Rox

A New World Coming: Sue Goodue

Spoken with Authority: Rachael Frase

Warning Signs: Sue Goodhue

Piety and Prayer: Margot Rox

Words from a Mountainside: Jeanine Birdsall

Announcing the Kingdom: Darlene Farris

John and Jesus: Rachael Frase

The Coming of the King: Jeanine Birdsall

Introduction to Matthew: Sue Goodhue

Proverbs Part II – SonLight Study Winter/Spring 2017

Intro-Why Study Proverbs? – Rachel Frase

Lesson 1: Raising Up the Next Generation – Darlene Farris

Lesson 2: “Fear” the Lord – Jeanine Birdsall

Lesson 3: Anger and Patience – Margot RoxHandout

Lesson 4: In the Shadow of Shaddai – Sue Goodhue

Lesson 5: Discernment – Jeanne Birdsall

Lesson 6: The Subtle Sin of Pride – Darlene Farris

Lesson 7: Money Talk – Freddie Jones

Lesson 8: Life, Death and Aging – Sue Goodhue"

Lesson 9: A Portrait of Perfection – Margot Rox

Questions for Kevin Baird

Proverbs Part I – SonLight Study Fall of 2016

The Bible Project Video Overview of Proverbs

Introduction – Why Study Proverbs?- Sue Goodhue

Lesson 1: The Author, Purpose, and Power-Margot Rox

Lesson 2: Why Seek Wisdom?-Darlene Farris

Lesson 3: Action Steps to Wisdom-Freddie Jones

Lesson 4: Beware the Snare-Sue Goodhue

Lesson 5: The Power of Friendship & Community-Jeanine Birdsall

Lesson 6: Get Organized-Margot Rox
Lesson Outline
Lesson Slides

Lesson 7: Word Power-Darlene Farris

Lesson 8: Won’t You Be My Neighbor-Jeanine Birdsall

Lesson 9: Blessed Are the Peacemakers-Freddie Jones

Revelation SonLight Study Fall 2015

Introduction: Sue Goohue

Revelation 1: Jeanine Birdsall

Revelation 2-3: Freddie Jones

Revelation 4-5: Margot Rox

Revelation 6-7: Freddie Jones

Revelation 8-9: Karen Langlais

Revelation 10-11: Margot Rox

Revelation 12-13: Jeanine Birdsall

Revelation 14-15: Jeanine Birdsall

Revelation 15-19: Karen Langlais

Revelation 19-20: Sue Goodhue

Revelation 21-22: Sue Goodhue

Revelation 22: Jeanine Birdsall

Revelation Review: Sue Goodhue

1Thessalonians 1: Karen Langlais

1 Thessalonians 2: Jeanine Birdsall

1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13 Margot Rox

1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 Freddie Jones

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Freddie Jones

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 Sue Goodhue

1 Thessalonians 5:12-28 Margot Rox

2 Thessalonians 1 Karen Langlais

2 Thessalonians 2 Jeanine Birdsall