First Congregational Church of Hamilton

Adult Sunday School

We encourage you to take advantage of our diverse opportunities to be challenged in your faith and to grow together each Sunday. New Members classes are also scheduled periodically during the year. Adult Sunday school classes meet between services at 9:45 a.m.

Winter Adult Sunday School Classes
January 7 – February 11, 2018

Meet the Missionaries
The Missions Committee invites you to attend Meet the Missionaries where each Sunday we will hear from one of the following local partners supported by FCCH: Amirah, Women in Transition, Young Life, InterVarsity, and Straight Ahead Ministries. This will be a unique opportunity to learn together about the good work being done by these outreach organizations and to understand how we can encourage, support and pray for those in the field.
Location: Chapel

Life-giving Relationships for Women
Women of all ages are invited to join us as Sharon Carlson leads us in discussion and activities designed to build life-giving relationships. This is a follow-up to our summer workshop where we learned about organic mentoring and intentionally sharing life together. You can check out the CD in our church library with an audio of the entire workshop and the accompanying slides and notes if you were not able to attend the summer workshop.
Location: Ministry Center Room 21

Soulmates: Friendship, Fellowship, or Something In Between?
For six weeks we will explore the complexities and delights of what it means to be ‘community’ at First Congregational Church. Is it friendship? Or is it something else? What is required of us to be a true fellowship of believers of Jesus Christ? This class will be led by Interim Senior Pastor, David Horn and Pastor of Congregational Life, Kevin Baird.
Location: Ministry Center Room 23 -24

1st Timothy 1-3: A Church in Chaos
When Paul left Ephesus after establishing the church there in Acts 19-21 he promised them: “I know that fierce wolves will come among you.” As Paul later writes to his emissary Timothy, it is evident that those “fierce wolves” had come and had devoured and led many astray. We will explore the heresies and false teachings and the solutions offered by Paul and Timothy, and the applications to the church today. This class will be led by Jonathan Faulkner.
Location: Ministry Center Room 22