First Congregational Church of Hamilton

Adult Sunday School

We encourage you to take advantage of our diverse opportunities to be challenged in your faith and to grow together each Sunday. New Members classes are also scheduled periodically during the year. Adult Sunday school classes meet between services at 9:45 a.m.

Fall Adult Sunday School Classes
September 17 – December 17, 2017

The Gospel of John
We will be reading the Gospel of John, studying the life and message of Jesus, learning about the significance of Jesus for His followers and for the world.
Eckhard Schnabel
Ministry Center Room 21

The Life of David
What a guy! From shepherd boy to warrior to King of Israel, David stands out as a larger-than-life-figure and the “man after God’s own heart.” Yet for all the storied success, his life is riddled with contradictions: victories and set-backs, good choices and regrets. Aided by his own ample reflections as recorded in Psalms, we will look at David through the people he encountered: his best friend; his wily boss; his traitorous son; his wives and lovers. As current and exciting as a modern tabloid, we will explore David’s life and hear his heart with fresh insights.
Paul Edwards

Weekly Class Handouts
September 17
September 24
October 1
October 8
October 15
November 5

Acts: Missions and Spiritual Disciplines
For people who love the Bible and want to learn more effective Bible study methods. For people who are eager to get training and direction for more effective service to Christ, the Church and Society in the 21st Century. We will examine the outward looking impulses of the church that took it from Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to the ends of the earth. In this class, we will follow Luke’s twenty-eight chapter narrative, and we will also select and develop themes that are woven throughout: Prayer, evangelism, unity, conflict, team work, adversity, vision, mission and perseverance.
Doug Birdsall and Brian Diehl
Ministry Center Room 23/24

Prayers of the People
This class, led by the elders, will feature a different facilitator each week to share about different aspects of prayer as well as thoughts from each persons own prayer life. We will also spend a good portion of the class praying together for our church, our community, the world, and God’s purposes. We hope you will join us.
Pam Heintz
Ministry Center Room 22