First Congregational Church of Hamilton

Brian and Malisa Ellis

CRU - Boston, MA

Boston, MA

Can you imagine a day when every one of the 250,000 students in Boston heard the good news of Jesus Christ in the most relevant and personal way? We can. And we think we even know how it could happen. We have seen God take broken hearts both here and overseas and heal them with His love and grace. We have seen students begin to consider Christ as truth and then accept Him with all their heart. Our heart is that through evangelism and discipleship God will continue to use us to show students the truth of Christ and encourage them to live a passionate and authentic life for Him.

The students who graduate from school in Boston (at Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Babson, BC, and 40 other top universities) go on to lead the world in every country and every industry. Imagine the impact they could make if they had as the central driving force in their life a relationship with Jesus Christ. Truly the entire world would be changed.

We spend our days meeting with these future world-changers, joining them on their spiritual journeys and pointing them toward Jesus Christ. But we can't do it alone. So we work to empower students as leaders to partner with us in our movements of evangelism and discipleship.

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