First Congregational Church of Hamilton

Church Directory

Our Church Directory contains contact information for our Church Leaders, Staff, Board Members, Committee Members, and Congregation. It also contains details of our current Ministries, as well as information regarding the Missionaries we support throughout the world. If you want to send someone a thank you note, get well card, invite some folks to dinner, or send additional support to our Missionaries, our directory will help you stay in touch!

We produce our Church Directory ourselves three times a year in Winter, Spring and Autumn as a digital (PDF) version for your smart phone, mobile device, or home computer. We also do a limited print run of each edition for folks that prefer to have a hard copy of the directory. There is no charge for the directory, however due to the printing costs of the hard copy we limit those to one copy per family.

Church Directory availability will be published on this page, and in the weekly Announcements at least a month ahead of when we plan to produce an update, so please watch for our announcements if you want to get a fresh picture submitted, need to change your contact information, or have us make a correction. For more information please contact the ad-hoc Directory Committee at

The FCCH 2018 Winter Directory (Feb) edition is now available by request! To receive your copy, please send your request to

Our Spring edition will be available in late May, after our Spring New Members Class. Changes, updates, or new photos must be received by the end of April for inclusion in the next edition.

Your Contact Information

If you would like to be included in the directory contact listings, you will need to fill out our Contact Information Form so we can get all of your information into our church database. We then extract your information from that database whenever we produce an update to our directory. The information you provide is stored on a secure system which is only accessable by our Church Staff and members of the ad-hoc Directory Committee. When filling out the Contact Information Form, we ask that you read all questions carefully and try to fill out the form completely so our church database is correct. However, it is completely up to you what contact information you want us to publish about you in the Church Directory when you fill out the form. When you answer a question, you may then select the appropriate choice regarding your answers to tell us whether or not to include that information in the digital (PDF) version, the printed version, or not at all. If you do not make a choice, we will assume you want that information published. Here’s the Contact Information Form

Your Smiling Face

If you would like to submit a photo of yourself or your family for the directory, take a picture of your smiling face and attach it to an e-mail, then send it to us at Please send it as an actual size, high resolution picture – we’ll take care of re-sizing it and cropping it to fit into our page layout. We can also scan your existing photo if you’d prefer that, or even take a fresh photo of you if needed – just contact the Church Office by phone or e-mail and we’ll work with you to make sure we get your picture into the directory.

Get Your Directory!

To obtain the digital (PDF) copy of our Church Directory, you must send an e-mail request to, or check the appropriate box under the Church Directory Distribution section of the Contact Information form. The digital (PDF) is only available for distribution to our congregation and is not available online for download. When we receive your request, we will verify that you attend our church, then send you the digital (PDF) directory as an e-mail attachment along with some instructions about using the PDF.

If you prefer the printed version of the Church Directory, you may indicate that preference when filling out the Contact Information Form (above), or give us a call or e-mail to let us know. As mentioned above, printing directories is not free, so we only print a few each year, and limit distribution of the printed copy to one per family.

Quick Links

Quick Links:
Click here to Update your Directory Information
Update your photograph by sending a copy to
Request a copy of the Directory by emailing